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  Local Area Networks
Tech Support Services offers complete Local Area Network (LAN) solutions. Whether you have a small five computer network or a 200 workstation multi-server environment, we can provide solutions that will maximize your investment and improve employee productivity.
Using state of the art equipment from various vendors, we can offer LAN speeds in the Gigabit per Second range.
Let us show you how you can speed up your LAN with correctly specified routers and switches depending on your needs and budget.
  Wireless Networking
Networking without wires has added many benefits to connecting computers by eliminating the need to pull expensive cabling and allowing workers to roam a workplace to collaborate on a project.
  Virtual Private Networking
Connect multiple offices together over the Internet to increase productivity. Instead of paying the high costs of a T1 or other point to point service, a VPN can be set up to use the Internet as a secure connection device. We can even set up the VPN to allow key employees to access the corporate network from anywhere in the world using "The Cloud" securely.
As hackers get more sophisticated it is more necessary for companies to protect themselves for data loss or theft. By limiting the access people have from the Internet into your private network, you can prevent them from even trying to hack your company. Firewalls prevent unwanted entry into your corporate network. It is an absolute must in today's networks. Firewalls can be bundled with VPN access to maximize your investment.
  Antivirus Protection
Viruses, Spyware and Adware are the number one security threat today. We offer solutions that cover the servers, mail system, and desktop from a centrally managed location. The systems automatically update themselves and report any occurrence of virus activity.
  No network? No Problem.
Maybe you don't have a server and networked computers. We can set you up with some great entry level products that will get you up and running within your budget.
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