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  Computer Maintenance and Repair Services

Tech Support Services provides total care solutions. We can replace, install, upgrade and repair all of your company's IT gear. We do whatever it takes to keep your business running smoothly.

  System Upgrades

Is your system starting to show its age? We can perform a complete system review and show you the best way to upgrade. Most upgrades do not need to be done in one step. Let us put a feasible plan together for you.

  Security Updates

The most important maintenance today on a computer is security and service patch updates. Due to the ever changing hack attempts, you must keep your computer up to date with patches. This is often over looked when people do their own system maintenance. When computers are problematic you loose production time.

  Malware Removal - Virus Removal

Even with the best security software installed, it is still possible to get infected with a virus, trojan, hijackers or any of the other types of malware out there.

  Data Recovery Tech Support Services Data Recovery

Most people don"t realize that when a hard drive "dies", the information contained on that drive is probably still intact. The computer just can't get to it. We've been performing data recovery since the mid-80's. We've had pretty good results and happy customers too.

  New Office / Office Move

If you are planning on opening a new office or moving into a new office, We can provide a complete turnkey solution to get your IT infrastructure moved and running again.

  Phone and Help Desk Support

We provide phone and help desk support when a visit is not necessary. We can even setup your system so we can do remote support. This allows us to be there in an instant 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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